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DWX-4 Touchless Car Washing Machine
DWX-4 Touchless Car Washing Machine
Model: DWX-4
Brand: Dericen
Machine Size: 1000*3100*2600mm (L*W*H)
Washing Car Size(L): 2300mm
Washing Car Size(W): 6000mm
Washing Car Size(H): 2000mm
Install Size: 9000*3300*2600mm (L*W*H)
Brush number: None
Power Consumption: 1 kwh/car
Washing Speed: 2-5 minutes/car
Water Consumption: 90-120 liter/car
Original: 0.00
Product Detail

DWX-4 Touchless Car Washing Machine

I Price & Guarantee

Price basis: EXW

Payment terms: 30% down payment by T/T in advance, the balance before delivery.

Lead-time: within 25 days after receiving down payment

Guarantee: within one year since the date of B/L

II Technical parameters:

Intelligent elevator swing type
Computer Programming:
Foaming System:
1 Set
Intelligent lifting system
Swing Nozzle:
4 Sets
Rotation Nozzle:
6 Sets
Chassis Wash System:
10 Sets
Water spray wax:
1 Set
High Pressure Water Pump:
Machine Casing:
Hot Dip Galvanized And Outdoor Powder Paint
Red/ Yellow/ Bule/ White/ Green
Water Consumption:
Power Consumption:
Main Electrical:
Machine Size:
1000MM*3200MM*2500MM (L*W*H)
Maximum Size Wash The Car:
5200MM*2300MM*2000MM L*W*H
Rail Length:
Remote Control System:
1 Set
Water Wax Machine:
1 Set

III Product introduction

  • DWX-4 Touchless car wash machine is qualified to wash and spray foam water and wax automatically, which covers small space and operates easily, there is no need for customer to the paint destroyed by the brush since it is brushless. The dual-swing-arm spraying system ensure the easy and complete full-scope cleaning.This type machine is intelligent elevator swing.

  • Features:

  • Economical and practical

  • Without any direct touching to the vehicle

  • With high-pressure jet wash technology to remove the dirt adhered to the car surface.

  • Controlled by PLC provides very reliable and robust control system.

  • The size change of machine is available on request.

  • Optional dry system, under chassis wash system and water recycle systems.

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